Crypto Whales: Strong moves in the BAT token

In the last few hours, Whale Alert has reported strong and constant movements of crypto whales with BAT. What’s interesting is how they may be driving the price of this crypto currency

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What are Bitcoin Whales?

Activity of Crypto Whales with BAT
In the last few hours, at least eight transactions have been recorded by crypto whales using BAT, each with more than 10,000,000 BAT.

Of all the transactions, six were between unknown wallets. The remaining two were to pass 12,118,512 BATs from one unknown wallet to another, but using Nexo as a bridge to do so.

In total, these first six operations amount to 101,411,766 BATs, which at the time of writing is equivalent to about US$ 24,338,823.

If we add the 12,118,512 BATs, we would have a total of 113,530,278 of these tokens mobilized in the last 24 hours alone. The latter, in turn, translates into US$ 27,247,266.72.

If we look at the graph of BAT’s price in the last week, we will notice that the price increase of this crypt currency coincides with the beginning of the strong movements by crypto whales reported by Whale Alert.

Could the whales have been the trigger for this price surge?

The strong buying power of BAT in the last few hours is also highlighted in data analysis pages such as TradingView. Out of four exchanges, two show a strong buying trend for this crypt currency.

Also, at the time of writing, there are 778,496 addresses with BAT as provided by Glassnode. The interesting thing is that a few days ago only 1731 addresses were active, but suddenly there was a jump to 5711 as the graph below shows.