Manual Trading in BitLQ

Manual Trading in BitLQ
Traders who prefer manual trading to bot-based trading can simply turn off the auto-trading feature and select the asset they wish to trade.

Once the trade has been made by entering the amount you are willing to risk as well as the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, the details of your purchase will be listed on your dashboard.

Remember that manual trading requires experience and specific knowledge.

In addition, you must ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account to complete the trade you wish to make.

Mobile Application

BitLQ App

The BitLQ app has been created for both novices and experienced traders looking to enhance their trading experience.

To use it, you need to enter your chosen trading criteria, which are determined by your expertise and goals.

Then the program will search for trading opportunities that meet your criteria.

BitLQ Avis Customer Service

Professional Customer Service

The customer support is one of the best in the world according to some of the reviews we’ve read online. Furthermore, this bot provides full-time customer support.

Has BitLQ appeared on TV?

There are many rumours that BitLQ has been mentioned on This Morning, Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den.

However, the facts are not there. We have not been able to find any television footage or images of this appearance.

BitLQ and Celebrities
As part of our research, we had to investigate whether BitLQ had been supported by celebrities before or recently.

Many websites claimed that celebrities had recently endorsed the platform. But we determined that these claims were unfounded. Indeed, there is no evidence to verify this.

Conclusion: In Our Opinion, BitLQ Is Recommended!
In this BitLQ review, we have discovered many positive points about this robot. Indeed, the testimonials posted on the site are quite reassuring. You can now try it and make up your own mind!

Frequently asked questions

How much time should I spend on the robot?
It is estimated that the average user spends about 20 minutes a day trading on the robot.

Is the BitLQ Robot free?
Yes, the Compass Bitcoin Robot is free for all users. However, you must make a deposit into your trading account before you start. This is to ensure that you have the necessary funds to trade.

Is BitLQ Legitimate?
This site is completely safe, we highly recommend it.

Is there a better alternative to BitLQ?
BitLQ is currently the best option for automatic trading. This robot is reliable, convenient, fast and efficient. In addition, it works with regulated online brokers.

Is there a BitLQ Application?
Yes indeed, you can use the BitLQ app on your mobile.